DynaDeck is an ultra-durable vinyl and thermoacoustic foam carpet and padding replacement for vehicles that will stop noise and heat. The durable, deep twist, embossed DynaDeck mat has the perfect vintage texture and look to fit hot rods, classic sports cars, trucks, jeeps, and off road vehicles. It is completely weatherproof, water resistant, oil resistant, and wear resistant. DynaDeck is offered in black, green, and brown to match whatever look your vehicle needs.

DynaDeck combines a 1lb/sq.ft, 1/8 inch vinyl barrier with a 1/4 inch closed cell rubber to block engine and exhaust heat, and quiet road noise. As DynaDeck is completely weatherproof and waterproof, it is ideal for use in vehicles where a durable, waterproof floor material is desired.

DynaDeck is simple to install. It is a thick and heavy material, so no adhesive is needed. Because of this, DynaDeck can be easily moved and reused. DynaDeck is optimized for use on the vehicle floor, and trunk floor. It is available in many different sizes to fit whatever your vehicle needs. For optimal results, install DynaDeck over Dynamat Xtreme for a smooth, quiet ride, and experience the Dynamat Difference.

Available Sizes: 3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 12ft  x 54 inches wide.

DynaDeck Information

2013 Automotive Catalog (64522 downloads)

Dynamat® Catalog

  • DynaDeck 12 ft. SKU: 21212 Contents: (1) 54″ Wide x 12ft Long (1.37m x 3.65m) roll of DynaDeck. Total Coverage: 54 ft² (5 m²)
  • DynaDeck 9 ft. SKU: 21209 Contents: (1) 54″ Wide x 9ft Long (1.37m x 2.74m) roll of DynaDeck. Total Coverage: 40.5 ft² (3.75 m²)
  • DynaDeck 6 ft. SKU: 21206 Contents: (1) 54″ Wide x 6ft Long (1.37m x 0.91m) roll of DynaDeck. Total Coverage: 27 ft² (2.5 m²)
  • DynaDeck 3 ft. SKU: 21203 Contents: (1) 54″ Wide x 3ft Long (1.37m x 0.91m) roll of DynaDeck. Total Coverage: 13.5 ft² (1.25 m²)
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