Dynamat Acoustic and Thermal Solutions: Reduce unwanted noise, heat and vibration.
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Home & Architectural
Better Sound and Quieter Living.
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Marine & RV
Reduce unwanted noise and vibration on-the-water.
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Noise and heat control of component parts or complete projects.
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The Dynamat Legacy

Scott Whitaker’s fascinating story of how he created the market for automotive soundproofing. Through necessity and innovation created the Dynamat brand of products and brought them to the world.

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New Products!

Dynamat® Xtreme Squared

Dynamat Xtreme Squared 18 Pack in a new 18″ size with a 1-inch cutting grid.



The Unique Fiber-Based Core Has The Ability To Absorb Massive Amounts of Noise and Heat At The Same Time.


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Focus Sound Where You Want and Keep It There

Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy to cut and mold sheet that actually stops noise causing resonance and vibration, by using visco-elastic qualities that promote vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy. This process is called “damping”. The Dynamat line of products also include other acoustic materials that absorb air-borne noise.


Engine and exhaust heat make your vehicle miserably hot and uncomfortable.

Dynaliner has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam. Combined with Dynamat, Dynaliner nearly doubles the total thermal resistance ability. It provides excellent insulation for the roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors, and even under the hood. The Hoodliner provides 97% heat reflection. Same goes for your boat’s engine compartment or your RV’s generator box.


Stop the Noise and its Source.

Dynamat uses a process called ‘damping’ – which in simple terms – is the process of restraining vibration (noise) by dissipating or using up the energy causing those vibrations. Dynamat converts the movement of the vibration into silent, low-grade thermal energy. No more noise = problem solved at source.


New Product - DynaCore™

Coming Soon! The Unique Fiber-Based Core Has The Ability To Absorb Massive Amounts of Noise and Heat At The Same Time.

Dynacore offer the unique structure needed to dissipate sound waves and absorb heat. In addition to its excellent sound absorption properties, it is lightweight, flexible, compressible, and thermally insulating. The black Fiber-based core offers excellent low–frequency absorption properties, thermal resistance up to 350° F, and compliance with UL94, MVSS 302, UL HF1, UL HBF standards. The facing is resistant to moisture, UV, and gasoline. Resists direct flame for > 8 minutes.

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