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Reduce Unwanted Noise and Vibration. We have solutions that will knock out noise and heat to keep your interior quiet and cool.

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Is Road Noise Robbing You of Quality Sound?

Car noise can prevent you from hearing music, conversations and your GPS. As the speed of your car increases, so does the noise from the road. Whether you’re a car audio enthusiast or simply looking for a quieter ride to and from work, upgrade your car with our products and make your car drive and feel like a luxury vehicle.

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Hear More of Your Music, Conversations and GPS.

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Hot Rides Get Cool & Quiet! • Every Car Becomes A Better Car!

Have plans to build a hot rod or restore a classic?

You want the engine sound to draw attention from people outside, but do you want your new build to drive and feel like a luxury vehicle inside? Of course you do. We have solutions for your build that will knock out noise and heat to keep your interior quiet and cool.

Quiet Luxury Can Be Installed

Dynamat Xtreme and DynaCore Together

Solve both types of sound problems, vibrational noise and air-borne noise with the combination of Xtreme first then DynaCore over the top.

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Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy to cut and mold sheet that actually stops noise causing resonance and vibration, by using visco-elastic qualities that promote vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy.

Dynamat uses a process called ‘damping’ – which in simple terms – is the process of restraining vibration (noise) by dissipating or using up the energy causing those vibrations. Dynamat converts the movement of the vibration and turns it into silent low-grade thermal energy. No more noise = problem solved at source.

High levels of noise develop in your vehicle due to impacts from the suspension and drivetrain. As the vehicle body vibrates, the vibrations move from one panel to another. As the speed of the vehicle increases or the road gets rougher, the noise level in the vehicle increases. Stopping the noise causing vibration is the key to a quieter vehicle.

The unique VECTOR™ Chemistry of Dynamat increases its ability to convert dynamic motion into silent energy. No other material utilizes VECTOR™ technology.

Would you want it to drive and feel like a newer, more expensive luxury vehicle? Of course you would.

Dynamat® Xtreme® is the #1 material engineered to reduce structure borne vibration into silent energy.
Dynamat out performs other materials, some by as much as 5 times. Dynamat also works better at a broader and higher range of temperatures. This is important in the hot environment of an automobile.
When you lower the noise level with Dynamat, you hear more of your music, conversations, mobile phone and navigation.
Dynaliner® is the most effective automotive thermal insulator available and provides acoustic absorption.
Dynamat® Xtreme® 1st combined with Dynaliner® 2nd you get the benefits of both products due to the inter-facial thermal resistance for a super cool, quiet and solid vehicle.
DynaPad® is a four layer composite barrier for extra hard to control noise problems. It has a vinyl barrier between two layers of acoustic foam and a waterproof polymer facing.
Adding The Hoodliner to diesel engine compartments can significantly reduce the engine noise heard inside the vehicle. When you install the custom thermo/acoustic Hoodliner, you get to enjoy your vehicle more and get a cool, quiet ride.
DynaDeck is a weather proof and wear resistant replacement for carpet and padding in traditional hot rods, classic sports cars, trucks and off road vehicles.
Dynamat Brand Products control noise and heat across automotive, marine, architectural and commercial environments. Highly efficient patented sound deadener and thermal barrier solutions.