Dynamat Home Audio and Architectural Soundproofing and Insulation.


Better Sound. Quieter Living.

Home theaters, noisy appliances, air conditioners, TVs, stereos, and exercise equipment all add to the enjoyment of your family’s daily life. When it’s all happening at the same moment, it’s noise.

Combined with outside noise from planes, trains, and automobiles – you have ample reason to want to get away from it all. That’s why Dynamat has developed a line of quality acoustic products designed for Better Sound and Quieter Living.

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Dynamat Xtreme is used on a substrate to remove unwanted vibration which creates noise.

Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, air conditioners, TV’s and exercise equipment alongside duct work and piping will all benefit when Dynamat Xtreme is applied to stop noise.

Dynapad and Dynil ensure that a room becomes isolated, keeping the great sounds of a home cinema in and or the unwanted noise from other areas of the home out.

Managing extreme sound at low frequency with Dynil and Dynapad can ensure noise is blocked from travelling to areas where it may disturb family members, guests or residents depending on the environment.

Enclosing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers with En-wall or Dynabox respectively means your speakers can perform to their maximum potential. The innovative design of Dynabox suits new build or retro-fit applications.

A barrier to unwanted noise migration is paramount when creating a comfortable and quiet environment.

Your System is High Performance... Is Your Room?

Ensure maximum performance of home audio reducing unwanted migrating noise with domestic sound insulation.
With the popularity of home theatre continuing to increase everyone is becoming aware of the need for noise isolation and sonic privacy.
It is very important to isolate listening spaces and stop noise transferring between rooms. Without applying sound insulation, structure borne or airborne sound and interference can create noise.
Your in-ceiling or in-wall speakers will only perform to their potential if they have a solid enclosure system surrounding them. With proper home soundproofing and sound insulation, resonance, back wave distortion and unwanted noise stops.
White goods and other appliances can also create a lot of vibration which when dampened ensures a comfortable and quiet environment in any residence or retail environment.