Dynadeck Illustration


This ultra-durable carpet replacement is made of high grade 3/8” waterproof liner, utilizing a 1lb/sq.ft. vinyl barrier over a 1/4” high efficiency thermoacoustic foam. DynaDeck has a durable deep twist embossed vinyl grain top facing.


The Ultimate Floor Liner

Available Sizes: 3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 12ft & 25ft x 54” wide.
Avaliable Colors: Black, Green, and Brown


DynaDeck is a weatherproof and waterproof carpet replacement. The 1/8” embossed vinyl layer with the 1/4” Dynaliner layer combine to stop noise and heat transfer through the floor. DynaDeck does not absorb water and is ideal for use in street rods, hot rods, trucks, jeeps and vintage sports cars.


Heavy Duty vinyl flooring used as a carpet replacement

  • Blocks Engine and Exhaust Heat
  • Effective Barrier Against Road Noise
  • For Hot Rods, Jeeps, and Trucks


For optimal results, install DynaDeck over Dynamat Xtreme. DynaDeck is available in brown, green and black finishes in lengths of 3’, 6’, 9’, 12’ and 25’.

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