DynaPad RollDynaPad:

DynaPad is a 3/8″, four-layer composite barrier material utilizing a 1 pound per square foot vinyl barrier that is sandwiched between two layers of acoustic foam with a urethane top layer. DynaPad is designed to provide an under carpet sound barrier in automotive interiors, residential and commercial dwellings. The material can withstand temperature ranges between -40°F and +225°F (-40°C to +107°C)

Acoustic Properties:

The effectiveness of DynaPad depends on the ability of the material to form an effective barrier between the noise source and the listener. The barrier supported between two layers of acoustic foam creates an absorption-barrier-absorption sound insulating system. This system maximizes the amount of sound that can be stopped.


DynaPad is optimized for use under carpet in automotive, residential and commercial applications. It is also used in other applications requiring acoustic barrier foam systems.


Use scissors, knife or die to cut DynaPad to the desired size and shape before installation. Next, remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface. When used under carpeting, no spray adhesive is needed. For other locations, spray adhesive on the application surface and on the back of the DynaPad.

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