Dynaplate Skyline Driver DoorDynaplate:

Dynaplate is an exotic constrained layer damping material that structurally reinforces car body panels for maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL). This damping material was specifically engineered for the SPL rules and power classes of dB Drag racing, USACi, IASCA and IdBL. Using a setup of only two layers yields non-flexible panels that prevent the ballooning effect common in SPL vehicles. This Dynaplate setup also reduces vibration better than any other product on the market. What you get is the most bass possible without modifying the appearance of your vehicle’s interior.

Dynaplate is the only damping material specifically designed for SPL competitions. Used in a multiple layer setup, Dynaplate flexes less than standard car sheet metal. At only one quarter the weight, one layer of Dynaplate damps 50% better than Dynamat Original. Two layers produce damping comparable to Dynamat Xtreme and weigh less. Dynaplate is designed for maximum SPL. For sound quality applications use Dynamat Xtreme or a combination of Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaplate.

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