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How much Dynamat do I need to quiet my vehicle?

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Calculation by Square Footage Of Dynamat Xtreme Product

Numbers are based on the approximate full coverage of the surface areas.

  1. Choose your vehicle type from the classes listed in the left column.

  2. View across the recommended areas to add Dynamat.

  3. Add up the numbers for each area you would like to quiet and total the square footage.


New Product Coming Soon! DynaCore™

Dynacore offer the unique structure needed to dissipate sound waves and absorb heat. In addition to its excellent sound absorption properties, it is lightweight, flexible, compressible, and thermally insulating. The black Fiber-based core offers excellent low–frequency absorption properties, thermal resistance up to 350° F, and compliance with UL94, MVSS 302, UL HF1, UL HBF standards. The facing is resistant to moisture, UV, and gasoline.

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