Need to Solve a Noise or Vibration Problem?

Dynamat, Inc. has been the recognized leader in the sound control business since the 1980’s. We offer unmatched expertise in noise and vibration control. We have state-of-the-art fabrication resources, production facilities, testing technology and a variety of diverse materials to meet your acoustic needs.

Whether you have vibration and noise requirements mandated by design criteria, OSHA, clients or customers, the team at Dynamat will work closely with you to analyze your problem and engineer a custom solution – on time and on budget. We stock all materials in house, so we can provide fast, first hand analysis, prototyping and testing.

Dynamat has helped companies solve noise and vibration issues across many industries and applications – from garage door openers, computer hardware, army helmets and appliances to building structures, generators, lawn mowers, and more.

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