Damping/Sound Deadening/Thermal Insulating

» Dynamat Xtreme (Aluminum constrained layer vibrational damper)

» Dynamat Xtreme is a 4Mil thick aluminum/Butyl rubber mastic material that coverts vibration to a low-grade heat by the process of Hysteresis.

» By adding Dynamat Xtreme to any substrate (sheet metal, fiberglass) you are mass loading with the weight of the product and with the aluminum through the process of Hysteresis you are converting that energy to a low-grade heat.

» You can get a 3dB reduction in noise levels which is comparable to doubling you amplifiers power, drastically increasing your dynamic range and improving your speakers’ response.

Dynamat Xtreme Noise Reduction  Dynaliner Thermal Insulator

» Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner will withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit while still maintaining high damping levels.

» When utilizing Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner together, you are creating a process that is called Interfacial Thermal Resistance, which anytime that you take the surface area (sheet metal or fiberglass) and apply rubber (butyl) to that substrate, stacked with aluminum (metal) and then the foam insulator (rubber) you can fully dissipate heat.

» This can be done even when carpeting or some type of matting is applied over the top of these products. This is also considering to be a CLD application (Constrained Layer Damping)

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