Dynamat wins gold in the RCN Driver’s Choice Awards in the heat and sound control category. The RCN Driver’s Choice Awards are given annually, recognizing companies who lead their field in a variety of vehicle categories. Dynamat’s innovative products make driving your vehicle more enjoyable by reducing noise, heat, and vibration, often challenges in rare and classic vehicles. We couldn’t be more excited to be acknowledged for this recognition by the Drivers’ Choice Awards.

Dynamat Wins Gold at Rare Car Network Drivers Choice Awards

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“The team here at Dynamat takes immense pride in delivering the products that our customers have come to expect over the past 30 years. I’m happy for them to be recognized, as Dynamat continues to deliver the highest of quality products.” stated, Michael Good, President of Dynamat.




The announcement from RNC included:

There’s a whole lot more to prepping a homebuilt car for street use than just getting it up and running. Just because it starts, turns and stops, doesn’t mean it will be safe or enjoyable on the street, and one commonly overlooked facet of the build process is heat and noise control. Insulating foot boxes, roof panels, floors and tight exhaust clearances will make your ride feel a lot more civilized on public roads, and less fatiguing during spirited driving as well. We had a total of five heat and noise insulation companies nominated in our 2020 Drivers’ Choice Awards and are pleased to announce that Dynamat received the gold medal.

Like many influential products in this industry, Dynamat started out as a car builder’s solution to a problem before it became the successful product it is today.

Dynamat, based out of Hamilton, Ohio, has been innovating sound and thermal insulation products for over 30 years. Current product offerings include specialized insulation materials for roofs, hoods, floors and more, in addition to car audio system enclosures, installation gear and insulation products for home audio systems. Beyond the automotive and home entertainment industries, Dynamat also offers products for marine and RV use, as well as commercial and industrial applications.

The RNC Readers Choice Awards are typically awarded at the SEMA auto show. Unfortunately, the award will not be presented in person this year. “Thank you to RNC and their readers for the nomination and award. It is our pleasure to accept it on behalf of the entire Dynamat team” said Good.




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