Dynamat Accessories

Use these handy Dynamat accessories for a professional job every time.


DynaTape is a 2 mil aluminum finishing tape used with Dynamat to seal seams, attach wiring, contain unwanted butyl migration and give your project a complete, professional appearance.
Part Number: # 13100
Contents: (1) roll, 1.5” wide x 30 ft long (38mm wide x 9.1 meters long)
Application: For covering butyl seams, attaching wiring, and creating a finished, professional look.

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Dynamat Professional Heavy Duty Roller

The Professional Rubber Roller is best for more complex applications.
Part Number: # 10007
Contents: (1) 2” (50mm) wide solid rubber roller
Application: Professional tool for applying Dynamat and ensuring proper adhesion with professional-looking results.

Dynamat Economy Roller

The Economy Roller is perfect for simple applications.
Part Number: # 10005
Contents: (1) 1.125” (29mm) wide hardwood roller
Application: Economical tool for applying Dynamat and ensuring proper adhesion.

Dynamat Mechanics Gloves

Dynamat Mechanics Gloves are professional-grade, anti-vibrational gloves ideal for Dynamat installs and more! Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL .

Part Number: # 8581


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New Product Coming Soon! DynaCore™

Dynacore offer the unique structure needed to dissipate sound waves and absorb heat. In addition to its excellent sound absorption properties, it is lightweight, flexible, compressible, and thermally insulating. The black Fiber-based core offers excellent low–frequency absorption properties, thermal resistance up to 350° F, and compliance with UL94, MVSS 302, UL HF1, UL HBF standards. The facing is resistant to moisture, UV, and gasoline.

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