Better Sound and Quieter Living

There is a never ending list of what you wish you could silence within your home. Now your wishes can be fulfilled with the simple application of Dynamat. Dynamat offers many different products beginning with Dynamat Xtreme, the highest efficiency sound deadener available. Xtreme is a self-adhesive, synthetic rubber with a heavy 4 mil aluminum constraining layer. With Xtreme, you are able to silence a variety of small appliances, sinks, ductwork and more.

Home Audio

In addition to Xtreme, Dynamat also offers several products for the home audio application. These being Dynabox and En-wall. Dynabox is a unique retrofit ceiling speaker enclosure that completely encases the speaker, effectively reducing sound migration between rooms, ceilings, and floors. En-wall is what is used to surround in-wall speakers with optimal acoustics that smooth and balance the frequency response as well as reducing the sonic cancellations.

Enwall in wall speaker solution


New Construction

In new construction or remodeling applications DyNIL and DynaPad are the products to install. DyNil is described as a dense, ultra-pliable sound barrier that prevents noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings. Our unique DynaPad is an effective 4 layer sound barrier composite that reduces sound transmission through floors.

DyNIL - Home Noise Isolation Dynapad on wood subfloor

With the combination of these products you will never feel the need to go to an IMAX movie theater, instead you can enjoy the experience from the basement in your home. All these products all have one major similarity, they all allow for a sense of peace and comfort to be felt throughout your entire home. No longer do you have to worry about how loud your playing your music with a room right next to you, experience a solo concert exclusively within your own room. Watch a movie with surround sound in the basement without anyone getting irritated about it. Hang out in the kitchen while the dishes are being cleaned and not even realize it. Go for a run on the treadmill and not have to look down because you’re distracted by your feet sounding like Bigfoot. With these 5 masterful Dynamat products available for your home, you will never have to worry about the distraction of noise ever again.◊




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